Knotwork from Sibbo:

Welcome to my knotwork page! I have an interest in decorative knotwork and braiding. On this page You will find some of my work on display. Unfortunately I have pictures only of a few of the things I've made, but I intend to correct the situation. So feel free to surf by every now and then to see if there's something new on display.

Member of the International Guild of Knot Tyers

A few pictures of the knotmaker himself

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Turk's head cover knot's Pineapple knot on a bottle Oval mat Oval mat Knot cover on a round object
Knot cover on a winebottle cork Monkey's fist keyfob Ocean plait Ocean plaits Mat
Ocean plait Ocean plait Ocean plaits Turks head mat Dream catcher
Small oval mat, 5mm sisal Small combhangerstyle brush made of 10mm sisal with a starknot Pineapple knot on a bottle A combhanger A keyfob
A rope ladder A round mat A round mat A pineapple covered bottle Monkey's fist
Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher Cowered bottle Cowered vase
Cat tree Cat tree Rope mat Pineaple covered bottle Pineaple covered bottle
Pineaple covered bottle Pineaple covered bottle Pineaple, french hitch & gaucho covered bottle French hitch covered tube for pet rats




Kari Nikrus,
The knotmaker

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